Sunday, January 21, 2018

Risk Management/Project Health Control

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LAKEL AFRIK PETROLEUM Activities, Research and Development and ongoing projects are listed below

  • Asset Development and Management in Nigeria Oil and gas fields
  • Operations, Management and Optimization of Asset production for Nigeria oil and gas companies
  • Building investment vehicles for the development of onshore and Offshore projects in Nigeria Multinational oil and gas Companies
  • Upstream Activities (Petroleum Exploration Activities which includes Marginal Field Development And Deep water projects)

PHC System

We have been working with the inventor  of PHC system  on  how to use this mechanism to influence oil and gas businesses with it during our operations in the oil and gas industries , this is in partnership with our Foreign technical partner ORDER EFFICIENCY UK LTD.

Project Health Control (PHC) is a service and a set of software tools that sit outside of the project, allowing the efficient tracking of deliverables and identification of potential and actual concerns that will impede project progression. The service is designed solely to arrest and reverse the natural process of project overspend that happens as a direct consequence of project delays.

PHC also enable Consultants to constantly monitor and update concerns, assigning actions, monitoring deliverables progress during project initiation, execution and completion.