Our values

We will act with integrity at all times when dealing with all our stakeholders and we endeavour to be consistently trusted as an ethical business partner.

We are committed to building collaborative relationships that are mutually beneficial to all our stakeholders. We will, therefore, engage in partnerships that constructively advance the interests of our stakeholders.

We are committed to using our financial, human, intellectual and technological resources to deliver value to our shareholders through the encouragement and exploration of new ideas and opportunities.

We are committed to creating and promoting a high-performance and results-driven culture that ensures a positive return on investment to our shareholders and promotes the interest of all our stakeholders.

We are an environmentally conscious Group and are committed to environmental stewardship. This includes ensuring that our people operate in a safe and healthy work environment and that we conduct our business with due respect and care for the physical environments in which we operate.

We are committed to the empowerment of our people through our investment in their ongoing development as well as ensuring broad-based socio-economic progress and transformation through our business activities.

Dr Lawrence Ajayi
Chief Executive Officer