Corporate Social Responsibility

LAKEL Group is driving the growth of the market in United Kingdom and West Africa mineral mining market. Considering our contribution to mining minerals out of the earth, we believe our concept of ‘corporate social responsibility’ (CSR) assumes the center stage.

Our concept of ‘corporate social responsibility’ emphasises upon the duties of our organisation, established within society and how we effectively contribute towards social, economic and environmental progress that would pave the way for transformation.

 Our Corporate Social Responsibility developed into a strategic issue and gained visibility as a concept whereby social and environmental concerns got integrated with our business with other companies and our interaction with stakeholders.

We acknowledge the fact that our Corporate Social Responsibility is  part of our organisational ethics and this has led to an increase in expectations of what our company owe to the society. We can witness a commendable growth of ethical codes of conduct in corporations and social reporting.

 Businesses, societies, and the environment are intrinsically connected in complex ways and we believe that the sustainability of our Group within its operating, environment should be a moral and economic imperative.

Our priority is to remain commercially viable so as to return value to all its shareholders and the stakeholder communities in which it operates. The economic, social and environmental performance of the Group is therefore key indicators of its commitment to ensuring its sustainability.

While we pride ourselves on being a cosmopolitan Group of companies and we are acutely aware of our history and moral obligation in pursuing our commercial interests in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. We view the objectives of growing our business as intertwined with protecting our natural heritage and transforming our society.

"We seek to run our companies to the highest possible standards of transparency, accountability and ethical conduct. We believe that effective corporate governance is the foundation of a well-run business."

- Dr Lawrence Ajayi

Group CEO & Executive Chairman