Our business model focuses on developing conglomerate of businesses and diversifying our activities across the mining project, integrated oil and gas (O&G), construction, agriculture, banking, and resort centres value chain to maximise return from our various assets.
The model supports the development or facilitation of the markets to use our project and deliver value-added products that could be utilised in the African markets and internationally.
The Group employs an asset management model, where assets are managed on a country basis. The Group leverages the centralised expertise located in West Africa And United State of America, to provide technical and functional expertise to support the activities at the individual asset level. This ensures that the Group maintains affordable support, where skills are shared across multiple assets and geographies of our entire businesses.
Key activities in the project development which includes portfolio management and optimisation of our producing asset in West Africa through Asset possession and continued field development, property development and several employments.
We will also leverage our considerable technical and commercial expertise to pursue opportunistic activity that has synergistic and strategic value for our business.