People are essential to the success of the Group and we aim to maintain a productive and healthy workforce by employing diverse and talented people, strengthening our leadership, and enhancing employee performance and engagement through development and reward programmes and study assistance.
The Group is proud of its diverse culture and highly skilled leadership team, with a solid support system that is essential in driving the business to achieve its strategic objectives and creating a sustainable business. The Group also invests in local communities through donations, voluntary non-monetary contributions to underprivileged schools and the promotion of local employment.

Empowering our employees Initiatives

• Educational training provided to employees
• Contributions to defined benefit plans for the future well-being of our employees
• Human rights of employees respected
• Diversity initiatives in place


• Employing over 300 people in 3 countries, with more than 90% of the workforce operating in West Africa
• Employee turnover rate of 8.9%
• Study assistance of $0.3 million to employees
• Total of 1036 hours of educational and HSE training provided to employees
• Zero reported incidents of discrimination across the Group

Focus areas for 2021-2025

• Increase educational training and development programmes provided to employees
• Uphold zero tolerance for discrimination
• Maintain zero human rights violations
• Conduct human rights training for employees
• Implement the Race and Gender Diversity Policy

Investment in local communities and enterprise development

Health and safety of employees, service providers and Social performance