LAKEL Group is committed to protecting the health and safety of all of those who can either directly or indirectly be affected by business activities and to minimise any adverse effects to the environment. The collective HSE attitudes and behaviour at LAKEL Group determine our HSE and therefore our outcomes and performance.

Our role is to embed health, safety and environmental values across LAKEL Group operations, to create an incident free working environment and be recognised as the industry reference company for HSE.

Using the key ingredients of leadership and communication, our message is targeted to each programme to ensure everyone is engaged in the most impactful and effective manner to inspire safety within LAKEL Group.

The Health, Safety and Environment Policy shall be designed to protect the health and safety of its employees and population at large, protection of the environment, the host communities and the protection of the assets of the population and company property.

The policy ensures that all work is carried out in full compliance to all relevant regulations or requirements of safe practices. It shall be based on assessing all hazards and known potential dangers of our work sites, and preventing or controlling them through risk analysis and project management to avoid personal injury, maintaining an effective schedule of equipment maintenance, requiring the use of protective equipment and guards, and implement procedures to detect and correct unsafe practices and conditions.


The Group’s seven guiding principles underpinned in its HSE Policy are as follows:

Compliance & standards

• Focus on complying with, but also exceedingly where possible, all applicable HSE laws and regulations

• Compliance with all internal standards

• Compliance with generally accepted environmental practices and established industry codes of practice

Reporting and monitoring
 • Regular evaluation and monitoring of the impact of past and present business activities on HSE matters.

• Comprehensive quarterly reporting of HSE matters to LAKEL Group’s Board of directors.

Continuous improvement

• Use of innovative design and engineering to reduce the environmental impact of each of the Group’s operations throughout the asset’s life cycle.

• Efficient use of natural resources, including energy to minimise waste streams and emissions