LAKEL GROUP Resort Generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers. Hospitality service industry that includes LAKEL group personnel lodging, food and drink service, event planning, theme parks, and transportation. It includes hotels, restaurants and bars.


LAKEL GROUP Agriculture Farming is a key employment sector across the world, with the vital Farming providing a vital contribution to our everyday lives and to support the Worldwide economy. We engage in all the aspect of Agriculture stated below: Comprehensive Farming Farm Trading Farm Operation Agronomy Tractors for mechanised agriculture and cultivation Dairy Milking […]


LAKEL GROUP Construction LAKEL GROUP offers clients the convenience and we support communities in Nigeria and in entire Africa with professional stability, also with our experience and resources as a multi-national construction organization. We are planning to be the highest value provider of global construction services and technical expertise in the entire Continent. CORE PURPOSEMake […]


LAKEL GROUP MINING LAKEL GROUP engages in the exploration and mining of lithium, bauxite, gold, cassiterirte, columbite. We embrace safety and modern practices which significantly improved our mines. We engage in  complete preliminary plans, FEED, Feasibility Report, process plant installations and services  and complete mining programmes when we must have concluded geological works. We also […]

Waste Management

LAKEL GROUP Waste Management The Integrated Waste Treatment Plant (IWTP) LAKEL Group waste management company Biotechnologies engages the unutilized materials arising from human and animal wastes which may be in solid, liquid or gaseous form is generally called waste. With the rapid socioeconomic development, and degree of industrialization the amount of waste generation has gradually […]

Renewable Energy in Mining

LAKEL GROUP Renewable Energy in Mining 4 WAYS THE MINING INDUSTRY USES RENEWABLE ENERGY Renewable energy availability changes how we operate modern mines, fuel cars, and supply nearby communities with heating and cooling.Renewable energy is an affordable choice for miners, who use it to crush, dig, and process minerals. Renewables (or green energy) are generated […]

Natural Gas

LAKEL GROUP Natural Gas Nigeria potential Liquefied petroleum, A clean gas, natural and abundant. We are tapping its huge potential for use by consumers and to power electrical generation plants cleanly. Nigeria natural gas, not only for residential and commercial uses such as cooking and water heating, but also for clean electrical generation. As we […]

IT & Technology

LAKEL GROUP INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY LAKEL GROUP Information technology engages in design, development, implementation, support or management of computer-based information systems—particularly software applications and computer hardware. What we do IT SUPPORT SERVICES Immediate support 365 a year. Proactive maintenance, network security, regulatory compliance & disaster recovery. IT CONSULTANCY Do you have an IT objective which you need help achieving? […]